Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Making Root Canals comfortable

Dr. Charles Flowers performs root canal therapy to save teeth. He uses advanced technology and instruments to provide you with a pleasant experience and excellent results, usually in just one visit.

What is root canal therapy?

Root Canal TherapyRoot canal therapy can save a tooth that has suffered from damage and decay.

The therapy is performed by removing the pulp from the center of your tooth and by filling the cavity. This can prevent a painful infection from developing in the pulp and spreading to other teeth. Root canal therapy can also treat an infection that’s developed in an abscessed tooth.

Signs of a Root Canal problem

  • Root Canal TherapyPain when biting or chewing food
  • Very painful toothache that keeps you up at night
  • Pain that begins in the tooth and can spread to the jaw, ear or head
  • Swelling in your gum that may, upon applying pressure, release pus or blood
  • Moderate to severe lingering toothache that may throb and be sensitive to cold or heat

Your next step

If you think you might need root canal therapy, then your next step is to get a full oral exam, digital X-rays and a consultation with Dr. Flowers. If you do have a problem, he needs to determine the extent that the root is infected and make sure you get the proper treatment to save your tooth.

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